I'm MadBoy (Chris), i'm 20yo and i'm from Greece.

I'm trying to survive this bad joke called life...

I like Videogames especially Final Fantasy, The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite
Series. Penny Dreadful, Hannibal, Under the Dome (Jarbie Fan) Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.
Movies: Snowpiercer, Inception.
Books: Eragon, Percy Jackson, Stephen King.
Music: Post Rock and Epic Music



DFA's disney gif meme | [1/10] Songs = Firebird Suite
"Walt Disney described the art of animation as a voyage of discovery into the realms of color, sound and motion. The music from Igor Stravinsky’s ballet The Firebird inspires such a voyage."
"And so we conclude this version of Fantasia with a mythical story of life, death and renewal." - Angela Lansbury


TLOU Remastered Photo mode / Part 2

Feel free to use, just let me know and give me credit, okay? :D